StrongLifting: Level 1

StrongLifting: Level 1

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This course will prepare you to lift in, judge, and even host a StrongLifting competition. But it’s more than just a set of rules and criteria for a new strength sport. 

The StrongLifting course streamlines strength, giving you seventeen 8-week programs and templates designed to maximize results and cater to your unique goals and preferences—whether you are training for a StrongLifting meet, or you simply want to get stronger and add muscular shape.

What you get:

Access to 80 lessons

Seven, 8-week PR programs designed for the Glute Squad—which they used for both StrongLifting and Physique prep

Nine modifiable training templates

Detailed tutorials for the main lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift, military press, chin-up, and hip thrust

Over 200 accessory exercise videos organized by lift

Program design guidelines that will equip you with the knowledge to develop your own programs and maximize results

A Level 1 StrongLifting certificate of completion upon passing the exam

PR Tracker Sheet to record all your lifts and personal records